Saturday, 12 October 2013

Getting Arty

  I come from a family of artists and so growing up I was constantly covered in colours from paints and dyes and I've been rediscovering these crafts this week due to my new job at as an art teaching assistant and a friend's African themed dinner party. It's been great and I will be sure to be doing more similar projects in the foreseeable future along with my usual crafts. Here's the goodies from this week!

Tie Dye

A good friend of mine held an African dinner party this week as she had recently got back from staying there a while. The food was brilliant, but my favourite part was the main feature of the night; Tie Dying! I'd come prepared with a double bed set, 4 t-shirts (one for me, two for Matt and one for my youngest brother), plus enough socks to go around the guests.
 We'd also done tie dye with the kids at work this week during our fashion and textiles class which went down really well and they made some great stuff. I love how with a project like this it's not just the items changing colour, but the whole event seems to make everyone feel good.
 At the dinner party it got extremely messy, we had leakages, confusion, and some mild nudity. On reflection I would advice to leave the drinking until after the tie dye.


 Another one that we did at work with the kids this week. This is another project good for getting a small group of people involved, and also great for experimenting with colours.
 We used marbling dye and blotting paper but it would be great to try using different papers or adding glitter.
 One thing we tried was drawing simple shapes with sticky tape, then peeling it off once the dye had dried as you can see here with the crucifix.
 I'm really loving combinations of blue, pink, purple and green at the moment.


I found a cool D.I.Y sticker idea on Rookie and thought I'd give it a go myself, as I might do this with the kids at work. It's so easy and really addictive!

1. Cut out pictures from a magazine or posters that you want as a sticker.

2. Get sticky tape and cut it into strips to cover the image, run your finger or something blunt over it to make sure the ink from the picture sticks, being careful not to let the tape stick to anything too much.

3. Run this under a warm tap until you feel the paper absorbing the water.

4. Rub the damp paper so that it peels away, leaving the ink from the image on the tape.

5. The tape will regain its stickiness as it begins to dry. Cut around the image on the tape, but leaving about half a centimetre of tape without ink on around it, as this is the stickier part.

6. Decorate your life with stickers of the things you love!

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