Friday, 30 August 2013

Last Four: August

 So this was supposed to be a Last Four Post...but it is actually more like a Last Lot, as I have somewhat treated myself a little more this month. This is due to two reasons; 1. It's my birthday next month and I have asked my mom for money so that I could buy what I want  for myself, (e.g. clothes that I love for cheap on eBay), and 2. I've lost some weight; which means I'm feeling much better about myself, and I wouldn't mind wearing some new clothes to emphasise that :)
 Usually I get all my stuff as cheap as I can find them, off eBay or charity shops, but a couple of these things were from shops. So here they all are;

1. Smiley necklace; from Fresh Garbage in Belfast. This was £2 or £3. I used to have one identical to it years ago, which disappeared. It's weird how much stuff that I used to have that I seem to be buying again!
2. Sun necklace; from eBay. I think this was about £1 or £2, I just love the colours in the glass in the middle, and anything celestial I love.
3. Pressed flowers necklace and ring; from eBay. I think it was £3.20 or so for them together, which for pressed flower jewellery is dirt cheap. I've wanted a necklace and ring like this for ages. (The ring looks black here, but it is more like the necklace when there is more light on it).

4. Topshop Ladybird Short Onesie; from eBay. This is probably the best thing I have bought all year. I've wanted one for ages, as when I first saw one they'd actually just gone out of stock in all the stores, so I had a saved search for this product on my eBay app, (so worth having). It finally came up in a medium and I bagged this delight for £9. It's super comfy, cute and my boyfriend loves it too :)

5. The Perfect Leather Jacket; from H&M. This was £29.99, but I have been after the perfect leather jacket for ages, and this one really fits the bill, so totally justified. I also got this in Belfast.

6. Black Velvet Top; from a car boot sale. 50p! 50 bloody p! Who could say no? And it looks adorable with dungarees. Bargain. Will definitely be returning to this car boot more often.

7. Black Leather Boots; from eBay. £4. The more I look at these and wear them, the more I love them. I know they are such a typical and commonly found boot type, particularly in the 90s and early 2000s, but I can see why now- they are so comfy! For heels especially, it's nice to have that extra lift to my height and not have to complain.

8. Atmosphere Daisy Playsuit; from eBay. I got this for about £7; again, it was another one of those things I'd wanted for ages. I had seen a girl at Godiva rocking one, and as a daisy fanatic I had to find one for myself. As you can see in the picture it needs a good iron, but it's because I've already worn it so much :)

9. Topshop Maisie Burgundy Velvet T-Bar Shoes; from Topshop. Another one of those incidents where I only noticed them after they'd gone out of stock, but I kept checking back on the website now and again, and hey presto; they got them back in my size, so I made sure I snapped them up. These were a modest £28, which I don't think is bad at all for shoes from Topshop.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Moon Garden Jewellery

 Jewellery making has always been a hobby of mine, I love having something to wear that no one else will have, and being able to tailor a piece to suit my own personal style. I recently dove into my little drawers of beads, trinkets and chains and began putting together necklaces, badges and earrings. I just love to sit in the middle of a beautiful mess.

 A lot of the jewellery I make uses old toys and pendants, I really enjoy nostalgia, especially nostalgia of the 90s as this was the era that I grew up in, which luckily is very popular at the moment anyway, as I'm beginning to sell some of the jewellery. You can find what's currently for sale in my Etsy shop; Moon Garden Jewellery (click on the following link);

 I'm throwing myself headfirst into this jewellery making business, as it's something I love and want to produce more and more, and there will be a lot of different styles and pieces. I'm looking out for old toys I can use at car boot sales and charity shops, so if anyone has anything they are happy donate, get in touch!

 I've also began trying my hand at resin jewellery, I've only made one batch so far, which I will post about later. They turned out fairly well for a first go, but I'd be happy to hear any advice anyone has :)