Monday, 1 July 2013

July Wish List

So, as one of the new features of Moon Garden I am doing a 'Wish List' for each month. I've not done these on previous blogs, and as this is my first I am keeping it short and sweet.

1. White lace bralet top. These are so pretty and perfect for summer. My favourite thing to do on a scorching day is to laze about in fields, which is great as I live on the edge of town next to the country side, and wearing this top it would all feel very prairie like.

2. True Blood DVD Season 5. Watching True Blood during the summer has turned into a tradition for me over the last few years; humid summer evenings with a tumbler of ice tea sort of make me feel like I am there in Bon Temps. I really need to catch up with the show, and the books too!

3. Lip Smacker Birthday Cake scented lip balm. Need I say more? BIRTHDAY CAKE. On your lips all day, yes it may lead to some very sweet toothed cravings, but it sounds like heaven in a tube to me. Plus look at the lovely colour scheme on the packaging <3

4. H&M Long Tulle Skirt. I'm not going to lie; I have actually already ordered this. I tried on a smaller size in store and it is just the coolest skirt ever. At my degree show I saw a girl wearing it and must have looked like a weirdo as I couldn't take my eyes off it.

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