Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Godiva Festival 2013

 For those of you who may not have heard of or been to Godiva festival, it is one of the country's best free festivals, and has been run for 15 years at Memorial Park, Coventry. 

Friday 5th July

 Considering that the festival was cancelled last year due to torrential rain and flooding, the weather this year could not have been any better. It was a phenomenally hot weekend, and still is as I write this, sat as close to the electric fan as I dare. Everyone was dressed in their festivals bests; it may not be Reading  or Glastonbury, but for a free festival, Godiva has a lot of fun to offer.
 Getting on the bus to Memorial Park you could tell that most people were headed there, and got off at the same stop, all ready to spend hours in the heat to experience some great food and music for the evening. The air was full of excitement from people of all ages, which is the great thing about Godiva, it really does cater for everyone; families with young children, grand parents, groups of teenagers, young people and couples.
 As you head in, the first attraction is the fun fair. There was quite a lot there, rides I didn't dare go on, flashing lights everywhere, games to win huge dolls and cuddly toys, and the smell of candy floss and hot dogs gliding through the air while you hear screams coming from the sky around you. 

 We got there sometime after 7PM, the reason we went was to see one of our favourite bands, Echo & the Bunnymen, (whom I've seen twice before, my boyfriend had never seen, and hey, how could we not go when it's free?!) One of my favourite things about festivals like this are the stalls. I just love exploring through all the jewellery. There were some really cute rings, which had little hearts made of stained glass. There were also some great t-shirts that caught my eye, featuring the works of Klimt, Money and Hokusai, these were so cool.
 We watched a local band called Keltik Fish perform for a while. They are young and full of energy and talent, really good to be able to sit on the grass and watch a live band.

 It was fantastic watching Echo & the Bunnymen when they came on, (I've written a review on one of their gigs a while ago from when they played at Symphony Hall in 2011;, but they were just as good as ever, and more exciting to be stood amongst so many spritely fans, under the night's sky on a warm mid summer eve.

 We had an hour long walk home, but in that heat it was so worth it, and for me that it part of what Godiva is about. You have the walk home to carry on the excitement, and take in the summer smells of plants.

Saturday 6th July

 Saturday was even hotter, as we went during the middle of the day. When we got there we went straight to the food stalls for a late lunch. Matt got an ostrich burger, (always wanted to try this myself, so I had a bite), while I went for one of my favourites; soya & nut burger.
 We spent some time chilling at the rhythm tent, listening to a bit of reggae, before heading over to 'Fool's Paradise' for the cabaret acts.

 Most of the acts that we saw in here were really impressive, fun, unpredictable and entertainment I would recommend going to see. My favourite acts were Matt Barnard, Bedlam Oz and Wolly, (which I was surprised about as his character made me feel quite nervous as he came on. Think clown/ tramp). The performances that these individuals and groups put on were great, they persevered through a scorcher of a day and to be honest, a bit of a hard to please crowd some of the time. The things that stuck in my mind from there were, Barnard drinking a pint balanced on his head while juggling machetes, Wolly performing a one handed hand stand on a wheely bin with a lit fire work wedged in his bottom, and giant mating slinkies. You read that right. They produce so fast they even gave birth to the infant slinky on stage.

Ostrich burger versus Soya & Nut burger. My verdict: The Ostrich was good, and rich, but for me it has to be the Veggie option, it's healthy, kind AND tastes unreal.

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