Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Featured Artist: Sarah Midori Perry

 As long as I have known Sarah she has always been an artist. Not just skilful at art, but her imaginings and vision are out of this world. I remember sitting in maths class next to her in high school, and also being an artist myself we would sit and doodle all through class, little characters in hilarious situations. I wish I still had some at hand to put into this blog.
 In sixth form Sarah and I shared our art class, my little room I hid away in while making my creepy creations right next to her corner in the bigger room meant that we often shared ideas and had some great experiences, including the surreal character Sarah invented named Timothy, half a mannequin clad in black fabric, a hood, a white plain theatre mask and red scarf which we left around the grounds of the sixth form on misty days to spook our class mates.
 It'd been a few years since I'd seen Sarah, and we have both taken interesting paths, so meeting for the interview was brilliant to catch up on all our creative achievements and I am looking forward to hopefully getting together again for some collaborations in art.
 So here we have it, my interview with Sarah Midori Perry, artist, singer and all around adorable eccentric;

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I'm half Japanese, half English, twenty-two and an artist. I do surreal, psychedelic, magic realism; my work explores the duality of nature and humans.

How would you describe your art?

My art work is... I'm really interested in this Japanese philosophy called Shintoism. [bit about Shintoism]. When you look at a sunset and find it so beautiful, I think you loose your ego, yourself; selfishness comes from having a physical body and the need to put yourself first in order to survive. I think when we see nature that is when we loose that; and that is what I try to express in my art.

A room that Sarah decorated and put together as part of her latest exhibitions.
Photo by Nobuyuki Taguchi

What inspiration is behind your art?

Artists like Pippa Lotti Wrist, [about]. I love her video art and exhibition work. It is about having an experience and interacting. Keith Harring too. I like his graffiti on the subway. Artists that take art beyond a gallery, I prefer art to be spontaneous.

 One of Sarah's creations, a box with her illustrations illuminated inside, which you have to look through a peep hole to see.

How do you feel when creating your art?

After I have created the art, I don't really care about it, but the process of making art is the most important bit. It's a journey for me, mentally and physically.

What are you most recent projects?

I guess the band, I'm designing the logo at the moment.

The three members of band, Kero Kero Bonito
Photo by Tom Lilly 

Tell me about your band.

The band is now a three piece band, it used to be four until recently. There are two guys on synth and electric keyboard, and I sing. We are a Japanese/ English fusion band. We are called Kero Kero Bonito, as the guy who started it loves Japan. They are two words that amused him, 'kero kero' being the sound a frog makes and 'bonito' a fish. The band is the music form of my art work.
We've done a few gigs, and supported Movie Rain. Our first debut gig is coming up on August 21st. I want to make it really arty, I'm making the poster. I want to come on stage wearing a rabbit mask and leave origami cranes all around the venue with messages in them

Where do you hope to go with your art and music?

I really like decorating i-phone covers, shoes and t-shirts. I want to infect everything with my artwork, I want to draw on everything. To make my art more accessible, and the band as well.

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  1. Hey, an awesome blog! Love the artwork!

  2. My current favorite band! Thanks for doing the interview!