Sunday, 21 July 2013

An Evening of Mystery

 A couple of months ago I was invited to an event; The first ever Evening of Mystery show. It was created by two magicians; Chris Gould and Anthony Black. Chris is one of my old art teachers, and would always entertain us in the classrooms with illusions, mind tricks and quite often by playing the ukelele. I filmed the first of these shows, the video is at the bottom of the interview, and it was a great evening. Read on to find out more about the men of magic themselves.

Tell me a bit about yourselves.

Chris: Chris Gould, a magician who has just spent 25 of his life masquerading as a normal person - but it just did not work out. Now I do just what I want to do and when I want to do it, as a result the Universe provides for me. Anthony is another kindred soul who I discovered (by the wonders of Google maps) to actually live close enough for me to throw a stone at him if he annoys me. 

Anthony: I’m Anthony Black, Magician, Bizarre & Psychic Performer and all round weird guy. I grew up in Birmingham and now live in Tamworth with my better half Jo and our black cat Minky.
I once stole a Hamster.

What is 'An Evening of Mystery'?

Chris: I am not sure I know the answer to that. I know what we intended it to be, but it took on it's own life and now dictates to us! It started life as just Anthony and I mucking around in a local bar, but by the second show we had a bar full of the top performers in the country on the bill. So now it is a once a month gathering where interesting people meet up to talk about magic and get drunk, then in the evening the same people put on a show and get even drunker.
So it is simply the coolest thing that we can do with our lives and for the people coming to the show, simply the best night out they are going to have, period! 

Anthony: An Evening of Mystery to me is becoming THE place to be once a month, Magic and Mystery all under one roof from some of the top performers in the UK. It’s one of the best ‘underground’ entertainment events in the UK, each month is different as we never know who we will have performing.

How did you get into magic?

Chris: Perhaps you should say, 'how did magic get into me'. Some things you have no control over. 

Anthony: I have always been fascinated from a very young age with the paranormal, the weird and the just plain bizarre. I would read books on UFO’s, Big Foot, PK abilities, hypnosis, ghosts and whatever else I could get my grubby little hands on from the local library. I soon discovered the joys of Magic and that became my hobby and obsession for many years until I reached my 20’s when it became my full-time career. 

What type of magic do you practice?

Chris: That really is a difficult one. I know where I am heading and what I am trying to do. That is to restore magic. We live in a grey and miserable world where magic or any form of positive experience is frowned upon. Magic is everywhere, but we are deprived of experiencing it. If we were to perceive the magic that surrounds us, those in control of the world would lose their grip, the result would be that our slavery would end. So, magic has something real to do, to connect you with wonder and liberate you from 'reality'. Magic is art, and like all art is can restore us to a childlike state where all things are once again magical. 

Anthony: Close Up, Bizarre, Hypnosis and Comedy. It just depends on the event really and what they want to book me for.

Do you have any favourite tricks?

Chris: Ones that do the above. 

Anthony: Pull my finger….Nah…erm…that’s a toughie! I don’t really have any favourites, or if I do they change too often to be favourites. I’m always learning and developing new ideas!

Do you have any specialities?

Chris: Attempting to do the above. Using any skills I have to open this to others. Actually the Evening of Mystery is not a good context for this. The evening has become about people just having a good time. So I do not attempt anything too deep. However, if you get a magician come and sit at your table and you can approach it as a child would, you will be transformed by magic and wonder, at least for a short while. 

Anthony: I would have to say Bizarre Magick is both my speciality and passion.

Where has magic taken you?

Chris: Out of the stupefying mundane of the 'normal' world. 

Anthony: Birmingham. No…honestly, Magic is my life. It’s taken me all over the place, both good and bad. It’s how I met my fiancée Jo whilst performing and it’s given me so many opportunities and allowed me to meet some amazing people whilst doing what I love.

What is your most memorable moment in magic?

Chris: 1. Keeping 5 people on stage for 45 minutes while I fucked a trick up.
2. Performing a routine based on quantum physics to a group of science teachers. 

Anthony: Probably at the last Evening of Mystery, I decided to do something completely off the wall and give birth live on stage…in a big flowery dress and red lippy. That was pretty memorable!
I had a gentleman up on stage from the audience helping me…who I claimed was the father. So I asked him to think the name of ‘our’ baby, he chose ‘Dave’. When I gave birth…the baby had the name ‘Dave’ written on it in big black bold letters! I’m still waiting to hear back off the CSA.

Do you have any other hobbies or projects that tie in with magic?

Chris: Occult studies and art. 

Anthony: Writing. I love to write stories and this helps me create weird and wonderful routines to go out there and perform. I also write books for other performers wanting to learn more about our art, which are quite popular.

Plans for the future/ Where do you hope to take 'An Evening of Mystery'?

Chris: Again, it is more of a case of where it will take us! My plans for the future are to live in a magical universe, to do what I want to do rather than what I am expected to do, to be part of a movement to restore joy into other peoples life. To have as much joy in my own life as I can before this planet goes pop!

Anthony: Total World Domination.

If you are interested in going to An Evening of Mystery, it is held on the Evening of the first Thursday of each month, at Wherever Bar in Tamworth.

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