Thursday, 13 June 2013

Last Four: June

 'Last Four' is one of the new monthly features on my blog post. There will be more of these, including 'Featured Artists', along with other posts about my crafts, projects, hobbies and I aim to cover various festivals, parties and events.
 June sees in the first ever 'Last Four' and here is what we have;

1. Scented Nail Polish. Mmmmmm, a very fairy shade of green, sparkly and scented! What more could a girl want, oh how about a flower shaped bottle top? Loving this, and curious as to what scent it is.
H&M £2.99

2. Mini Milk Lipbalm. Mini Milks are just about the best ice pop I can think of, and now I get that creamy, sweet taste wherever I go. I love the packaging and colours for this, quite retro. I'm also looking out for a 'birthday cake' scented lip gloss I have seen on the Topshop website.
Claire's Accessories £3.00

3. I've bought more rings recently than I've probably owned in my life, which isn't saying much, but I now at least probably have one for each finger. Mood rings are especially cool in my opinion as they come in so many unique designs. I picked a few up on a recent trip to Brighton, but this crucifix mood ring can be found on eBay for just a couple of pounds.

4. Another eBay find, this cat ring wraps around your finger as if it is trying to hold on. I'm quite susceptible to black cat themed accessories as I have a little black cat of my own who follows me around everywhere. This little ring is a homage to my feline friend.
eBay £0.99

 If you have any products that you would like me to feature in my blog or any questions about my purchases above feel free to leave a comment :)

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