Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Happy Return

 I have finished my time at university at last and now as I step out into the big wide world, I am returning to my blog; and am very excited about it. Throughout the last two years I have been blogging for my university and professional work and now at last I can return to what I really love for the foreseeable future.
 Firstly; Yes I have changed the blog name. Queenie's Cranial Cornucopia just didn't seem right anymore. I had a thought about a few things but have decided for the moment at least to use 'Moon Garden'. 1. I like the moon. 2. I like gardens. 3. It makes me think of beautiful, romantic and mystical things. 4. I really want to grow one when I move out and have my own garden; and lastly 5. I just remembered that I have started writing a short story called 'The Moon Garden'...better dig that out.

 I have done some cool things since last writing, so perhaps I will write some update type posts or posts relating back to these things. I'll be sure to be keeping to a lot of the types of posts I did before; crafts, purchases, while hopefully bringing some new topics too. Watch this space!

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