Saturday, 19 May 2012

Places For Laces

 My mom showed me a nice way to store jewellery recently, and it is so simple! Hammer a couple of thin nails into the wall and hang them; easy to do in under a minute and it looks pretty. A lovely way to show off your favourite necklaces, bracelets, anklets or headbands.

 Digging around I found a few old pendants from my ever-so 90s childhood whilst gal-abounding in the attic this morning, so I've threaded them onto new cord and looking forward to wearing them again, nourishing my need for nostalgia well.

 I also recycled a few nic-naks to create a couple of choker necklaces, (the pink clam/ lace choker and the orange sea hoarse choker below); I made these from my broken Moomins keyring  :( , lace bows off old socks, black ribbon and a sea horse pendant I brought back from a holiday.

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