Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oh Sew Lavender

It is time for me to begin growing my own lavender. I picked up a packet at my local Wilkinsons a few months ago, and the weather seemed pretty good to start growing them, (you know, that one time this year that we actually had some strong sunlight before these heavy downpours).  I use lavender a lot to help myself relax and sleep, last summer I found it more useful than anything else suggested to me to help me sleep, so I was forever pinching it out of people's gardens. I do pinch a lot of flowers so I thought maybe I ought to try growing my own- besides...I secretly love planting and growing things! I am hoping these survive longer than the pumpkins from last year, (which grew exceptionally fast until it came to re-planting them in a soily open space which I do not have.

The seedlings are doing well so far, although I'm hoping for more sunlight before they give up, my spindly, green babies are so small and fragile at the moment!

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