Thursday, 23 February 2012


This is not a post all about rococo, nor is this a post all about coconuts.

To begin with, about a year ago now I spied a beautiful pair of sunglasses on the internet, a pair of sunglasses with rococo curled frames. Yum. Alas, they were Prada, and hence VERY expensive, I knew not to go there. The pocket of a student is a pocket not so full of wealth, and there is usually a few holes in it too.

But with time comes great knock off versions, and I now own a pair of imitation sunglasses, the only differences are; 1) they don't have a poncey Prada logo on the side, and 2) they were a hell of a lot cheaper, (£9, and I've seen then for £6 now for those of you out there who may be interested). Take that Prada!!!

While we are on the topic of the niceties of a little guilty splurging in the world of fashion, here's a little picture of what I've treated myself to since December, and I'm not someone who would pay too much on clothes or accessories, you can find all these beauties at a very pleasant price :)


 On to the coconuts. I have been known to be nuts for coconut flavoured spirits, and am quite often referred to by my friends and peers as the 'Malibu Monster'. Now what happens when one is on a night out and the bar does not supply said Malibu? You find the nearest bloody thing to it is what you do!

Behold my friends; the wonder that is-


And to top it off there is a humming bird on the label to satisfy my humming bird fixation. Hummmm. :)

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