Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  So, Christmas has been and gone and we find ourselves at the start of a new year once again; although me and mom pretty much took September to be our own new year as it was full of the fresh starts we needed and have both been blessed with luck since :) I've had a fairly family orientated Christmas Holiday, but it's been really nice.

 Not the most thrilling way to start a post about the Christmas holidays, but if you read my blogs you will know I quite like my DIY; which is why I'm taking the opportunity to say- hey look- I put together this flatpack bed side table from Ikea in a matter of minutes and I looove it! It takes me back to my childhood because I had this lovely one very similar to it, (not flat pack), but it just went missing. Great to have a little more storage space; especially with all my books. That's my little Roberts retro radio on top there too. Bootiful.
  A sweet little photo of my friends from home and I out for a meal to celebrate the Christmas Holidays. That's me looking all snazzy in the pinky-red dress and lace mask. The soup...was lie. Sweet potato, coconut and corriander. MUST find a recipe.

Home made mince pies I made with mom :)

 Mom and I out for a meal with both my brothers. Was nice to get dressed up again, oooh and they had fur throws on the chairs- now that I like. The starter and dessert were great- button mushrooms in the creamy sauce with croutons, and bannofee slice, yum!
                                         My hoard of presents from Christmas Day at mom's
                                                    and Boxing Day at dad's- SPOILT! :D

     Finally...Maisie in a box; I have the feeling Christmas could be her favourite time of year :3

                                                     Oh and happy 2012 everyone! :)

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