Sunday, 1 January 2012

Term 1 Films

Boring blog title I know- but here are the two films I made during my first term at my new university!

'Meanwhile In Paris', a music video which I produced, also did the location scouting, story boards and have a little cameo role in there ;)

'Go With the Flow'- a five minute documentary I directed and co-edited, which is about the 'flow arts'; (hoop, poi, staff, breathing...and fire of course!)

It was so much fun making both of these, have worked with and met some fantastic people locally and further a-foot. Both films went pretty smoothly, but there are always things that occur which mean you have to change your plan slightly- sometimes for the best; e.g. It just so happened to be World Hoop Day one of the weekends around when we were filming the doc, and there was an event in Bristol we got to go to called 'Swoop' which was really exciting to see, we even had a little go ourselves at the end :D

Here's a few photos from behind the scenes;


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