Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Spray It Don't Say It

 I recently watched 'Exit Through the Gift Shop', and my granddad bought me Banksy's 'Wall and Piece for Christmas', street art is something I have had a keen interest in for a few years now, I've photographed work on the walls of various cities including Prague, and more typically, Bristol. I'd made a couple of stencils in the past, but thought I'd get back into it so picked up a spray can and whacked out the Stanley knife to give it another bash.
 I decided to go for a bit of an 80s goth theme by stencilling Robert Smith and Ian McCulloch;

  The Robert Smith one was pretty tiny, I just sprayed it onto some woo chip to test it out. The one of McCulloch there is one I enlarged for a canvas I did mom as one of her Christmas presents; she loves the Bunnymen, especially Ian, so she was pretty chuffed and it's going on the wall.

Done another canvas very recently as a present for my boyfriend, Matt, as part of his Valentines present;

It's a young Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones! This one was quite fiddly to cut out, but it actually turned out much better than I was expecting :)

And while we are on the topic of spraying, I recently made a documentary with Matt about his friend Romeo Bosna, who is very passionate about street art, and although he is not an artist himself he has a lot to say about it, which will be a big part of his magazine very soon;

Like Magic

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