Tuesday, 3 January 2012

More Gigs!

 This is a late post about the last two gigs I went to, and it's not a review this time but I gotta write about them of course. I went to see Adam Ant again on a bit of a whim in November; I'd literally just got back from filming my documentary in Bristol and just made it home on time on the coach to be able to buy a ticket on the door. It was just as cool as before, and I managed to get a little closer this time too :) Got some photos, and videos too this time, which I will post on here as soon as I can.

 More recently I went to see 100 Monkeys- also whim like...I just got a call a few days before the gig for an invite to go with my sort of step sis and her friends. Jackson Rathbone plays in the band and I'd been a fan of his, as an actor, since I was about 17; so I thought it would be one of those opportunities I'd be stupid to miss.
 The band were really good, and different for once, I'd not heard them before, and each member is talented enough to play very well on each instrument so they swapped over a lot. I was the oldest in the group I went in, and was useful as a 'guardian' of sorts, but I still let myself have a good time by frequenting the bar for almost the whole show and attaining cherry skinned cigarettes from foreign strangers.

  It was Jackson's birthday, and at the end of the gig he came back on stage to say that there would be a signing- so glad I went :D Got to meet an influential idol. It was great getting to meet him and the other musicians there that night, they were all really cool. They signed my ticket and I asked Jackson for a handshake, so I'm pretty chuffed with that :)

More recently, Echo & the Bunnymen again, at the Assembly. I went with mom and her new bo. Here is a video;

The Killing Moon, live

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