Thursday, 13 September 2012

Photographer: Alison Scarpulla

 This is a re-post from my university blog,, where I have done a post about my new favourite photographer, Scarpulla. As I attempted her photography style as an experiment I thought I would share the post I wrote and the work that I produced here ~

Alison Scarpulla’s photography strikes so many chords with in me; her work is exactly the type of imagery inspiring me right now. Pin-hole camera meets witch craft in the woods. Her work is ethereal, beautiful and ghastly all rolled into one.

I studied a lot of Scarpulla’s work closely, and devised a list of different aspects, themes and editing techniques that I noticed throughout;
  • Grainy
  • Darkened edges
  • Subdued colours and darkened tones
  • Physical burns in some of the photos to create the look of magic
  • Era-less models and attire
  • Nature/ Elements- woodland, flowers, water, mist, fire, sky, lightening
  • Paranormal- witchcraft, skulls, death, magic, ethereal
  • Derelict settings- peeling paint
  • Double exposures
  • Juxtapositions
  • Forced Perspective
  • Animals
  • Prisms, use of light, refraction and lens flare
  • Models: often you don’t see the whole of them, their faces or they are silhouetted
  • Objects: witchcraft tools, glass balls, tarot cards, toys, skulls
  • Nudity
  • Smoke/ mist
  • Creepy hands
I’ve decided to try to replicate the look and feel of Scarpulla’s work and hopefully from that I will evolve my own take and style. I’m probably going to take most of the photos on my Canon 600D SLR, but I may also try my compact camera and my film lomo camera, just to see which gives the best results. The SLR will give more flexibility with capturing the depth between the foreground, background and shadows which is important.
I sent a request to everyone I know asking for models and have a list of volunteers, (or victims), although a lot of the photos won’t need people to feature in them. Once I have taken the photos I will experiment with finding the most appropriate ways to edit using photoshop, print them out, burn a few of them, maybe add a little glitter too, or dead leaves etc, then scan them back into the computer to complete the process.

 I haven't finished experimenting with this look and theme just yet as I want to try it using different cameras, formats and techniques, so expect more to come! :)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Places For Laces

 My mom showed me a nice way to store jewellery recently, and it is so simple! Hammer a couple of thin nails into the wall and hang them; easy to do in under a minute and it looks pretty. A lovely way to show off your favourite necklaces, bracelets, anklets or headbands.

 Digging around I found a few old pendants from my ever-so 90s childhood whilst gal-abounding in the attic this morning, so I've threaded them onto new cord and looking forward to wearing them again, nourishing my need for nostalgia well.

 I also recycled a few nic-naks to create a couple of choker necklaces, (the pink clam/ lace choker and the orange sea hoarse choker below); I made these from my broken Moomins keyring  :( , lace bows off old socks, black ribbon and a sea horse pendant I brought back from a holiday.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oh Sew Lavender

It is time for me to begin growing my own lavender. I picked up a packet at my local Wilkinsons a few months ago, and the weather seemed pretty good to start growing them, (you know, that one time this year that we actually had some strong sunlight before these heavy downpours).  I use lavender a lot to help myself relax and sleep, last summer I found it more useful than anything else suggested to me to help me sleep, so I was forever pinching it out of people's gardens. I do pinch a lot of flowers so I thought maybe I ought to try growing my own- besides...I secretly love planting and growing things! I am hoping these survive longer than the pumpkins from last year, (which grew exceptionally fast until it came to re-planting them in a soily open space which I do not have.

The seedlings are doing well so far, although I'm hoping for more sunlight before they give up, my spindly, green babies are so small and fragile at the moment!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leaky Leek and Potato Soup

I tried my hand once again at cooking leek and potato soup, (actually following a recipe this time), as it is one of my three favourite soups along with pumpkin and butternut squash and coconut and coriander. The soup itself turned out marvellously, I used a very easy and simple recipe from the BBC website,, but I did have a bit of a disaster in the kitchen...during the blending stage the blender decided to fall apart, screws and shards of plastic everywhere. Luckily the soup was salvageable although I had to sieve all sorts of things out which put a damper on an otherwise pleasant self taught skill. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012


This is not a post all about rococo, nor is this a post all about coconuts.

To begin with, about a year ago now I spied a beautiful pair of sunglasses on the internet, a pair of sunglasses with rococo curled frames. Yum. Alas, they were Prada, and hence VERY expensive, I knew not to go there. The pocket of a student is a pocket not so full of wealth, and there is usually a few holes in it too.

But with time comes great knock off versions, and I now own a pair of imitation sunglasses, the only differences are; 1) they don't have a poncey Prada logo on the side, and 2) they were a hell of a lot cheaper, (£9, and I've seen then for £6 now for those of you out there who may be interested). Take that Prada!!!

While we are on the topic of the niceties of a little guilty splurging in the world of fashion, here's a little picture of what I've treated myself to since December, and I'm not someone who would pay too much on clothes or accessories, you can find all these beauties at a very pleasant price :)


 On to the coconuts. I have been known to be nuts for coconut flavoured spirits, and am quite often referred to by my friends and peers as the 'Malibu Monster'. Now what happens when one is on a night out and the bar does not supply said Malibu? You find the nearest bloody thing to it is what you do!

Behold my friends; the wonder that is-


And to top it off there is a humming bird on the label to satisfy my humming bird fixation. Hummmm. :)

A Lovely Valentines

For the first time in my life,




Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Spray It Don't Say It

 I recently watched 'Exit Through the Gift Shop', and my granddad bought me Banksy's 'Wall and Piece for Christmas', street art is something I have had a keen interest in for a few years now, I've photographed work on the walls of various cities including Prague, and more typically, Bristol. I'd made a couple of stencils in the past, but thought I'd get back into it so picked up a spray can and whacked out the Stanley knife to give it another bash.
 I decided to go for a bit of an 80s goth theme by stencilling Robert Smith and Ian McCulloch;

  The Robert Smith one was pretty tiny, I just sprayed it onto some woo chip to test it out. The one of McCulloch there is one I enlarged for a canvas I did mom as one of her Christmas presents; she loves the Bunnymen, especially Ian, so she was pretty chuffed and it's going on the wall.

Done another canvas very recently as a present for my boyfriend, Matt, as part of his Valentines present;

It's a young Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones! This one was quite fiddly to cut out, but it actually turned out much better than I was expecting :)

And while we are on the topic of spraying, I recently made a documentary with Matt about his friend Romeo Bosna, who is very passionate about street art, and although he is not an artist himself he has a lot to say about it, which will be a big part of his magazine very soon;

Like Magic

More Gigs!

 This is a late post about the last two gigs I went to, and it's not a review this time but I gotta write about them of course. I went to see Adam Ant again on a bit of a whim in November; I'd literally just got back from filming my documentary in Bristol and just made it home on time on the coach to be able to buy a ticket on the door. It was just as cool as before, and I managed to get a little closer this time too :) Got some photos, and videos too this time, which I will post on here as soon as I can.

 More recently I went to see 100 Monkeys- also whim like...I just got a call a few days before the gig for an invite to go with my sort of step sis and her friends. Jackson Rathbone plays in the band and I'd been a fan of his, as an actor, since I was about 17; so I thought it would be one of those opportunities I'd be stupid to miss.
 The band were really good, and different for once, I'd not heard them before, and each member is talented enough to play very well on each instrument so they swapped over a lot. I was the oldest in the group I went in, and was useful as a 'guardian' of sorts, but I still let myself have a good time by frequenting the bar for almost the whole show and attaining cherry skinned cigarettes from foreign strangers.

  It was Jackson's birthday, and at the end of the gig he came back on stage to say that there would be a signing- so glad I went :D Got to meet an influential idol. It was great getting to meet him and the other musicians there that night, they were all really cool. They signed my ticket and I asked Jackson for a handshake, so I'm pretty chuffed with that :)

More recently, Echo & the Bunnymen again, at the Assembly. I went with mom and her new bo. Here is a video;

The Killing Moon, live

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Return of the Bookworm Bug!

 So I've been bitten by the bug again, I'm ill I know but I refuse help while I fuel my addiction. This is the current reading pile, a few I started a while ago but put on the back burner while I've been busy, (Sherlock Holmes, and stories by Gaimen etc).
 I've nearly finished the Catcher in the Rye, which I got for Christmas from my boyfriend, and I am beyond eager to start on Poe. I have read a bit of Angela Carter's selection of fairy tales, and asked for her Bloody Chamber which I also got for Christmas, and I've read a little of Blake.
 I started reading Nineteen Eighty-Four years ago when I was in sixth form but the book was just lying about and I wasn't in the stealing mood that day so never finished it.
 But jinkies- am I eager to get through this lot :D

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  So, Christmas has been and gone and we find ourselves at the start of a new year once again; although me and mom pretty much took September to be our own new year as it was full of the fresh starts we needed and have both been blessed with luck since :) I've had a fairly family orientated Christmas Holiday, but it's been really nice.

 Not the most thrilling way to start a post about the Christmas holidays, but if you read my blogs you will know I quite like my DIY; which is why I'm taking the opportunity to say- hey look- I put together this flatpack bed side table from Ikea in a matter of minutes and I looove it! It takes me back to my childhood because I had this lovely one very similar to it, (not flat pack), but it just went missing. Great to have a little more storage space; especially with all my books. That's my little Roberts retro radio on top there too. Bootiful.
  A sweet little photo of my friends from home and I out for a meal to celebrate the Christmas Holidays. That's me looking all snazzy in the pinky-red dress and lace mask. The soup...was lie. Sweet potato, coconut and corriander. MUST find a recipe.

Home made mince pies I made with mom :)

 Mom and I out for a meal with both my brothers. Was nice to get dressed up again, oooh and they had fur throws on the chairs- now that I like. The starter and dessert were great- button mushrooms in the creamy sauce with croutons, and bannofee slice, yum!
                                         My hoard of presents from Christmas Day at mom's
                                                    and Boxing Day at dad's- SPOILT! :D

     Finally...Maisie in a box; I have the feeling Christmas could be her favourite time of year :3

                                                     Oh and happy 2012 everyone! :)