Monday, 24 October 2011

A Bit Of A Bish Bash Bosh Post

Right, so in order to bring myself up to date with where things are at at the moment on this blog I'm just going to have to do a few posts with lots of useless stuff crammed in.
Number 1: As I'm sure anyone reading this will be eager to know, I had a yearning recently to become a cupcake extraordinaire. Well it didn't exactly take off massively, but I tried a few ideas out of my cook you can probably tell from the photo my skills need a little practice, (especially icing), and some fresh ingredients may help, but I did however manage to get the inside of the sponge blue and the outside what I would call 'original cakey-brown'. For anyone interested to know how I achieved this effect, go and ask an expert because I haven't got the foggiest.
 I also adapted a recipe for savoury muffins. The first batch I made tasted oh-so divine, I made enough to have one for lunch for a week and each one was as more-ish as the last. The second batch I shielded from human consumption and binned...not sure what happened there :'(

  One night recently I found myself with not much to do after work, so I decided to cut out the tiny pictures from the NME and varnish them onto my nails. I expect someone has done this before, but I thought it was just a neat idea and a little more original than painting on a colour. I recently adorned myself with David Bowie and Bjork, (in celebration of her latest album, Biophilia).

Mom returned from Cuba- Hooray! And she did the right thing by bringing back 3 bottles of rum and other spirits, good old mom. She also got me this lovely carving of a cat, which I've used to hold my lavender near my bed. 

 Lots of good things have been happening over the last few weeks, and lots of positive changes, and hard work where I've tried to change things in my life are beginning to pay off. I'm starting to come round to think that maybe people are right when they say 'all good things come to those who wait' :)


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