Monday, 24 October 2011

The Belated 21st Birthday Post

Yes I've become quite the busy little missus; Hence why the blog about all the goodies I was spoilt with on my birthday is here a month or more overdue! I really must get back into posting on here as I've a lot of my creations to show the world, but with university, work, a beautifully hectic social life and everything in between it's become increasingly difficult- but that's ok, what's life without a little challenge and a busy schedule? ;)
 So I'm going to keep this one fairly simple and to the point, as I had a fairly quiet day on my actual birthday, (however the preceding Friday was another story). Here I am eating a banoffee sundae when mom took me out for dinner at Frankie and Benny's. I am wearing my new sparkly, wooly, knitted jumper. I bet you are enthralled to learn this.

 Above: The hoard: Dad got me Alice: Madness Returns on xbox360. Mom got me make up, sparkly jumper and spending money, the bruvs got me choc and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 dvd, and dad's girlfriend got me a lovely photo album which is quickly filling up.

Below: I know how to treat a lady, especially if that lady is me. So using some of the birthday money I received I got a cupcake cook book (knocked down from £20 to £6- bloody bargain!), glitter pens (one of life's necessities), a few dvds of films I had wanted to see, (My Blueberry Nights had some beautiful shots, but out of the three Amelie is my favourite without a doubt and just in time while I start my French classes), Moomin figurines (which if you know me I don't need to explain), face masks for nights where I get to chill (increasingly few of these lately), then onto the stuff that makes me seem a little less of a dork- Manic Street Preachers- Generation Terrorists and Echo & the Bunnymen- Crocodiles, and the Echo & the Bunnymen 2011 Ocean Rain tour T-shirt :) Just bought the Stone Roses cd too. Laaaavly.

That's that troopers, there are creative/ productive posts on the way, I don't just sit at home online shopping now I promise.


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