Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Little Sprinkle of Goodness

I've had quite a productive and fun week, so I thought I ought to write a bit about it. I've started back at my old part time job, working as a holiday assistant at a kid's club, (this is good because I basically get paid to play and make bracelets etc!) I've made progress with getting my university transfer, so looks like it is almost all sorted out.
I had a VERY drunken time all last Saturday, started drinking at lunchtime at my dad's party, went out to a few bars and a club for my mate's birthday, then came back to the house party. I made friends with a few nice people, and suffered a truly hideous hangover the following day. I've had my first experience of eating at an all you can eat sushi bar- I will most defiantly be going back there at some point- and it looks as though, at long, long last, my pumpkin plants are beginning to grow the female flower (so now I can begin to pollenate them with what is left of the quickly depleting amount of male flowers).
As well as all of that jazzy goodness, mom treated me to a stunning pair of new heels and I found a gorgeous corset on for a fiver. Being the kindly spirit that I am, I have posted pictures of below, just for you, you happy bean of a reader ;)

~ Queenie

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