Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bitten By the Book Worm Bug

So, recently I've gone a little book mad, (as in wanting to read them, I'm not on about my passion for book sniffing this time). What's a girl to do when she needs a distraction though, eh? I think the escapism a book brings a reader is one of the best cures for taking your mind off things...and one can never have too many books!

It all started when I got my Macbook about a month or so ago, I was checking out the free apps in the Appstore and came across the Amazon Kindle app. I downloaded it out of curiosity and was delighted to find a whole array of free books that you can download there, and not just any old drivel either; they've got tonnes of classics that I had either already started reading, or had wanted to read for quite some time. The ones that I'm most excited about reading that I've downloaded for free include;

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Beauty and the Beast
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Water Babies
The Jungle Book
Andrew Lang's Fairy Book Collection
The Picture of Dorian Grey
The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe

There's a lot more on there that I've downloaded, but these will get read first. I had already begun reading Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and the Jungle Book, but having another means of being able to read them has made me want to read more often. I think it's safe to say its only a matter of time before I invest in getting myself a Kindle and start purchasing books on there, I've already had to stop myself a few times! ...If on the off-chance anyone is feeling generous and wants to buy me one, you're more than welcome.....

Another little perk that books have given me recently occurred about two weeks ago when I was visiting my dad. I came across a box of his ex's books that she had left there for the time being, and being the curious thing that I am, I just had to browse! Once I'd got past various volumes on Churchill and Hitler (yawn), I came across three books that certainly caught my eye;

Memoirs of a Geisha (I've wanted to read this for soooo long, the film is a favourite of mine)
No Place for a Lady (A book about women adventurers)
Icons (A book of 50s pin up girls)

I'm concentrating on reading Memoirs at the moment, and without a doubt it is the most gripping book I have read in a very long time. The imagery of geishas and cherry blossom trees have even penetrated my dreams, which is a welcomed alternative to the usual nightmares!

I've been checking out blogs where the author has written a long list of things to do or things to cheer yourself up with, and one of my favourites that I've come across has to be this;

Suggestion 82 I particular liked due to my current book frenzy;

'82: Old School
Go to the library or a second-hand bookshop and find so me of those series books from the nineties: the ones you undoubtedly read: The Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Pony Club, Goosebumps, Fear Street. Read them all again. Damn, weren’t they terribly awesome?'

How could I not take a leaf out of Steph's book on this one?! Like a rabid thing from the darkness I clawed my way through the net to Ebay, lunacy deeply embedded in my eyes, and frothing out of my twisted smile. Goosebumps, it has been far, far too long; yet it was one of the pillars of my childhood, along with Pokemon, Tamagotchis and Pogs of course. The 90s was a beautiful era! I had only saved enough of my pocket money as a kid to buy two Goosebumps books, so this kind of felt like a favour to myself to make up for that, as well as a ticket to nostalgia and cheap, cheesey happiness. I bought four from ebay, for a couple of quid each, that I had been most eager to read when Goosebumps was still new;

Welcome to Dead House
The Curse of the Mummy
The Werewolf of Swamp Lake
Night of the Living Dummy
(oddly enough the dummy on the front of this one looks scarily like my youngest brother)

I already had Vampire Breath and Ghost Beach, and I loved those as a kid.

Lastly- as I know by now those of you reading this will either be sick of hearing about books, or be itching to go and make a library for yourself- I have bought one last book for the time being, on recommendation from a good friend of mine; Water for Elephants. I saw the trailer for the film, which looks great apart from the unfortunate casting of Robert Pattison, and so I felt more inclined to read the novel, (Plus I kind of felt the need to buy a book for grown ups after the Goosebumps incident).

As you now know, I have a hell of a lot of reading to catch up one, thanks to my amazing knack of acquiring far more books than I can read. If there are no new posts on my blog for a while, or for those of you that know me and don't hear from me, I might need rescuing from the sea of books that I am about to drown in....

~ Queenie

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