Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Little Green Books

As so often happens I was clearing out my room once more, when I found an old cardboard box that some make up that my granny got me came in. Its book shaped and has a magnetic lid I wanted to take advantage of. So I stripped it down, (removing the glossy coating and paper as it just had the brand name and ingridients on); then I could begin to make it my own.

I wanted to give it that sort of my 'signature' look I guess I decorate most things with; lots of blue, green, gold and flowers! It was easy to paint once I'd stripped it, I don't like to fully mix the paint into one colour, to me it looks better with a more emerald streak here and a smear of white there etc. Once that coat had dried, I dry brushed on a little more white and brown, just to make it looked a little more lost and forgotten. I guess I like that sort of look about things because its what makes me want to pick them up and look at them, a little mystery. Dabbed on some watery gold paint, and painted a little detail. Then I picked some blossom which I PVA glued to the spine of the 'book' and then dabbed with gold paint, (although I think the gold paint may have be spread over them more when I PVAed over the top, either that or the didn't preserve the natural pinky colour as well as I'd hoped it would). They look glossy and lovely anyway so I don't mind to much. Now I just have to find something special enough to keep inside it!

I thought this would be an appropriate post for me to show a photo of this little book I decorated a few years ago. This one is actually a book, and I like to dry small flowers in it, (as well as glueing in small dead insects that I find) -don't judge me! I just think they are beautiful. For this I used the same paint method (only a bit bluer), but then dried a leaf out with I sliced down the middle, and glued one to the front and one to the back. I had collected my milk teeth since they started falling out and so decided to use a few that had split in half over the ages to stick down the spine. I'm not really sure why other than I like the way it looks and I like to use natural resources.

In other news my pumpkins have been growing at an alarming pace due to the brilliant sunny weather we've been having. The picture I've uploaded here doesn't really show it very well, as I took it more for athstetic reasons, but you can see they've sprouted well. I've had to seperate them into bigger pots, and since I took this photo about three days ago most of the stems have doubled in height. I'm thinking about begging mum to let me rip up the garden a little to give them more room to grow!


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