Monday, 16 May 2011

Delectable Decor

Over the last couple of weeks I've been trying to make my bedroom a little more 'me'. This has mainly consisted of me replacing the things that perhaps should have been replaced a while ago; e.g. the blue 'space craft' pattered curtains and the yellowing ceiling light...
Perhaps though, I chose to wait for the right moment to find the assets that suit my room so well.
I bought this birdcage lampshade from Next. It was £25, but really goes well with the furnature I have in there and I love the butterflies addorning it!

Behind the veil of green you can just about see my new curtains. They're a bit difficult to distinguish here as when its light outside they become sort of clear but you can see the embroided swirls, but at nighttime they become pretty much black...apart from where the moon shines through them. They're just my sort of thing, I chose them because the design on them is similar to a lot of doodles I end up drawing on things.
You can find them at Dunelm Mill;

This small stool I actually bought a couple of months back, from a shop I absolutely love in Leamington Spa called Planet Bong (not sure if they have a website they are currently using, but you can find them on Facebook). It's made by Fair Trade but I've not seen it sold anywhere else yet, it also comes in pink, (so naturally, I was torn when it came to choosing between that and this green one), but the green went with my room better.

Lastly, as I found myself a teeny bit ill recently and also found some spare cash in my pocket, I decided to treat may think I do that a lot. You'd be right; but a girl has needs, and I know how to make a little extra moolah here and there.

I've been looking forward to getting my mits on this game for quite some time now in the run up to the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film; and it does not disapoint! It even came with a free Jack Sparrow Lego figure. The book is 'Snufkin's Book of Thoughts', which I bought more for novelty value over reading material, but there is one quote in there I like in particular;

"I'll come when it suits me," said an angry Snufkin. "Perhaps I shan't come at all."

Well said. Although I'm sure it wouldn't be out of choice.

~ Queenie

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