Thursday, 21 April 2011

Christmas Catch Up

Seeing as I didn't have a blog over Christmas I thought now would be the best oppurtunity to show off some of the work I did over the festive period. I spent Christmas at my mom's, (where all my art and craft utensils reside), and so I took up the oppurtunity to squeeze out a little creativity. Also it was a lovely distraction from what I shall just call 'crap'.

This was just a small box shelf I dug out of the attick. Sanded it down, and painted it white. Splattered it with various shades of blue paint, then painted on a sort of outline of a pocket watch on a chain in gold. I used some UV glow wall paint and a couple of glowing rose stickers just to give it a sweet surprise. (I tend to forget it glows everynight and surprise myself whenever I look at it!)

I actually made this photo frame a few years ago when I was still in sixth form as part of an art project. I finally realised that I could put a real photo of mine in it and hang it as it was intended to be used...Only took me 2 years to figure that out. The frame itself was another find, but I rubbed a watery teal paint into it, dry painted a coppery-gold paint, (also painted the staples with this), then drizzled on watered down black paint. The photo I took a few years ago at Guy's Cliff.

I took this image during the Christmas break, but actually this bottle is from the same art project as the frame above. I was using a lot of bottles in the project and was lucky enough to find this clock shape one at a charity shop in town, it fit in spookily well with my project so I had to have it. I burnt a candle under it to give it a slightly blackened tarnish, and again dry brushed coppery and golden paints into it. Around the top I weaved some wools with crosses on chains and old beads. It is now a regular little desk filler in my room.

Wow! Something I actually put together at Christmas...I saw a big glass jar. I saw some faerie lights that weren't being used. I opened the jar and put the faerie lights inside. I was pleased. Unfortunately the photo is crap! But I do rather like the light refracting out of the glass.

And while we're on the theme of's what I was lucky enough to get, (along with Scott Pilgrim on DVD and My Chemical Romance's album Danger Days, I got them late so they're not in the photo but just as loved!)

I still need to put some thorough effort into learning to play the violin, but I promise I will, (univeristy work has to come first). One last thing I must mention before I end this post; Jelly Lenses...are simply awesome. They're cheap, they're trendy, most importantly they are jelly. Get some.


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