Friday, 29 April 2011

Petals and Pumpkins

Well, I have been having a very enjoyable and busy Easter holiday! However- I haven't let it hinder me in terms of getting up to my arts and crafts. I've just finished this quick piece I did purely for the reason that I was in a good mood and thought it would be a smart idea to squeeze it out into some form of art. I used quite a lot of mixed media for this one; acrylic and water colour paints, pva glue, glitter, blossom, and a little photoshop to give it that nice glow.

On a completely different note- I have always dreamt of growing pumpkins...I don't know why but I seem to have a bit of a thing for those big, orange, swollen squashes. Lady Luck must have been smiling down on me last Friday, because my mom bought me a little 'grow your own pumpkins' kit from the new Wilkos in town- only 98p! They've already grown shockingly fast, so when they are an impressive size I'll update with some photos, hopefully of me straddling them if they get big enough.

~ Queenie

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Christmas Catch Up

Seeing as I didn't have a blog over Christmas I thought now would be the best oppurtunity to show off some of the work I did over the festive period. I spent Christmas at my mom's, (where all my art and craft utensils reside), and so I took up the oppurtunity to squeeze out a little creativity. Also it was a lovely distraction from what I shall just call 'crap'.

This was just a small box shelf I dug out of the attick. Sanded it down, and painted it white. Splattered it with various shades of blue paint, then painted on a sort of outline of a pocket watch on a chain in gold. I used some UV glow wall paint and a couple of glowing rose stickers just to give it a sweet surprise. (I tend to forget it glows everynight and surprise myself whenever I look at it!)

I actually made this photo frame a few years ago when I was still in sixth form as part of an art project. I finally realised that I could put a real photo of mine in it and hang it as it was intended to be used...Only took me 2 years to figure that out. The frame itself was another find, but I rubbed a watery teal paint into it, dry painted a coppery-gold paint, (also painted the staples with this), then drizzled on watered down black paint. The photo I took a few years ago at Guy's Cliff.

I took this image during the Christmas break, but actually this bottle is from the same art project as the frame above. I was using a lot of bottles in the project and was lucky enough to find this clock shape one at a charity shop in town, it fit in spookily well with my project so I had to have it. I burnt a candle under it to give it a slightly blackened tarnish, and again dry brushed coppery and golden paints into it. Around the top I weaved some wools with crosses on chains and old beads. It is now a regular little desk filler in my room.

Wow! Something I actually put together at Christmas...I saw a big glass jar. I saw some faerie lights that weren't being used. I opened the jar and put the faerie lights inside. I was pleased. Unfortunately the photo is crap! But I do rather like the light refracting out of the glass.

And while we're on the theme of's what I was lucky enough to get, (along with Scott Pilgrim on DVD and My Chemical Romance's album Danger Days, I got them late so they're not in the photo but just as loved!)

I still need to put some thorough effort into learning to play the violin, but I promise I will, (univeristy work has to come first). One last thing I must mention before I end this post; Jelly Lenses...are simply awesome. They're cheap, they're trendy, most importantly they are jelly. Get some.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Blogger's Virginity

I have given in, it was only a matter of time until the day came where I'd realise I couldn't supress my inner blogger anymore, and here it is; my first post in my blog. I have many reasons though, you may be enthralled to hear, for making said blog. I have looked back over the last 12 months or so and realised that I have had that which in my life so far, quite a successful year... And I intend to keep it that way!
Now obviously I don't mean success as in I've suddenly become Mrs Moneybanks, or and A lister, but none the less successful I have been. My mind has had moments where I've been manifested with depression, but with that comes the highs in between, and without wanting to get all hippy-new-age-chickpea-scoffy at you it's been a bit of a rough ride! But it has made me realise something that will not only be good for me but maybe, (I may be a little bit optimistic here), make for some entertaining- or even helpful reading for those that might come across my blog! I want to blog about all the good and exciting things that happen to me, which may include bits about the film course I am studying at university, my acting (or lack of it), photography/ arts/ crafts/ textiles/ writing, and those jolly little odd things that happen in between.
This year so far I have had not one- but TWO of my films shown at the 2011 London Screentest Film Festival. A proud feat for me, and many thanks to the crews behind me on them. Here's the link to my Youtube account should you wish to view any of my films.

The two that got into the festival were; 'These Boots Were Made For Rolling'- a documentary I directed on roller derby in the UK, and 'The Dark Side Of Chocolate'- which I produced. I came up with the titles for both ;) Aswell as that little burst of hope for a bright future I've been acting in a friend's pilot episode for a kid's TV show he has written. It's currently still in the process of being made and so I'm keeping low key about it, but there is promissing interest, and I love my role. We've had a few days shooting so far, and I think we're meant to get the rest done after the Easter holidays. Hopefully more on this later. I think that's enough for now :)