Saturday, 26 November 2011


As Christmas draws near,
 All these beautiful little things appear.
I can't deny myself the pleasure.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Behind the Scenes Music Video of My Flow Arts Documentary


  So, this is what I have been up to the last week. Directing and shooting a documentary about the 'flow' arts; hula hooping, fire spinning, poi etc. Filmed in Kenilworth and Bristol @ Swoop event. 

  This is just what I filmed on my iphone, not the actual documentary so it is kind of a making of or behind the scenes.

Thanks to Emma Kerr and Lyndz Hooper.

Music by Bjork.

Monday, 24 October 2011

A Bit Of A Bish Bash Bosh Post

Right, so in order to bring myself up to date with where things are at at the moment on this blog I'm just going to have to do a few posts with lots of useless stuff crammed in.
Number 1: As I'm sure anyone reading this will be eager to know, I had a yearning recently to become a cupcake extraordinaire. Well it didn't exactly take off massively, but I tried a few ideas out of my cook you can probably tell from the photo my skills need a little practice, (especially icing), and some fresh ingredients may help, but I did however manage to get the inside of the sponge blue and the outside what I would call 'original cakey-brown'. For anyone interested to know how I achieved this effect, go and ask an expert because I haven't got the foggiest.
 I also adapted a recipe for savoury muffins. The first batch I made tasted oh-so divine, I made enough to have one for lunch for a week and each one was as more-ish as the last. The second batch I shielded from human consumption and binned...not sure what happened there :'(

  One night recently I found myself with not much to do after work, so I decided to cut out the tiny pictures from the NME and varnish them onto my nails. I expect someone has done this before, but I thought it was just a neat idea and a little more original than painting on a colour. I recently adorned myself with David Bowie and Bjork, (in celebration of her latest album, Biophilia).

Mom returned from Cuba- Hooray! And she did the right thing by bringing back 3 bottles of rum and other spirits, good old mom. She also got me this lovely carving of a cat, which I've used to hold my lavender near my bed. 

 Lots of good things have been happening over the last few weeks, and lots of positive changes, and hard work where I've tried to change things in my life are beginning to pay off. I'm starting to come round to think that maybe people are right when they say 'all good things come to those who wait' :)


The Belated 21st Birthday Post

Yes I've become quite the busy little missus; Hence why the blog about all the goodies I was spoilt with on my birthday is here a month or more overdue! I really must get back into posting on here as I've a lot of my creations to show the world, but with university, work, a beautifully hectic social life and everything in between it's become increasingly difficult- but that's ok, what's life without a little challenge and a busy schedule? ;)
 So I'm going to keep this one fairly simple and to the point, as I had a fairly quiet day on my actual birthday, (however the preceding Friday was another story). Here I am eating a banoffee sundae when mom took me out for dinner at Frankie and Benny's. I am wearing my new sparkly, wooly, knitted jumper. I bet you are enthralled to learn this.

 Above: The hoard: Dad got me Alice: Madness Returns on xbox360. Mom got me make up, sparkly jumper and spending money, the bruvs got me choc and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 dvd, and dad's girlfriend got me a lovely photo album which is quickly filling up.

Below: I know how to treat a lady, especially if that lady is me. So using some of the birthday money I received I got a cupcake cook book (knocked down from £20 to £6- bloody bargain!), glitter pens (one of life's necessities), a few dvds of films I had wanted to see, (My Blueberry Nights had some beautiful shots, but out of the three Amelie is my favourite without a doubt and just in time while I start my French classes), Moomin figurines (which if you know me I don't need to explain), face masks for nights where I get to chill (increasingly few of these lately), then onto the stuff that makes me seem a little less of a dork- Manic Street Preachers- Generation Terrorists and Echo & the Bunnymen- Crocodiles, and the Echo & the Bunnymen 2011 Ocean Rain tour T-shirt :) Just bought the Stone Roses cd too. Laaaavly.

That's that troopers, there are creative/ productive posts on the way, I don't just sit at home online shopping now I promise.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Echo and the Bunnymen: Symphony Hall 2011

[Attended on Sunday 25th September]

 Shrouded in a cloak of twirling mist, a figure steps out into the blue haze set across the stage, clad in a jet black anorak, and shades, masking the eyes so seldom seen these days of Echo and the Bunnymen front man, Ian McCulloch.
 The band were preceded onto the stage by a group of talented, young, female violinists, setting the atmosphere for the night with their impeccable string work to something unforgettable. (Although between you and me, in terms of violinists they have nothing on Emilie Autumn…)
  The first time I can recall hearing the Bunnymen would have been when I was about 6 years old and was introduced to the iconic 80s vampire flick; The Lost Boys. It instantly became a favourite of mine and still is to this day. Echo and the Bunnymen sung the opening song; a cover of the Door’s classic, ‘People Are Strange’. 

 Now, I’d usually go by the idea that the originals are always better, but Echo and the Bunnymen bring something to that song that the Doors didn’t quite do for me. Something a little bit darker and more mysterious, but then maybe it was just that the film gave the song a little more context for me?

 Both my parents like the Bunnymen too, my mom probably more so; so I assume at some point in my early childhood before the Lost Boys influential exposure on me I would have heard them. Along with the other indie bands of the 80s I’m so fond of, (at least what indie was and still should be, not the crap that gets labelled indie now), the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Smiths and Joy Division to name a few; when I listen to the Bunnymen I have a sense of familiarity and connection that I don’t really feel with as many current bands.

 Then along came Donnie. One of the most iconic films among young, misunderstood, broody teenagers; Donnie Darko was a film that easily resonated with me. The opening song; The Killing Moon, perhaps Echo and the Bunnymen’s most famous songs, is one of the greatest and influential songs I’ve ever heard. As with a lot of the Bunnymen’s songs to me the lyrics are often quite ambiguous due to their arty, and more likely than not, inebriated, background- but I think as with most music the listener finds their own meaning.

 McCulloch’s onstage persona is a little offbeat, but completely lovable non the less. The contrast between his alcohol induced slurred speech and the precision and crystal-clear clarity of this bird’s song are eye bogglingly stark…but I think that makes him even more of a triumph amongst the musical community; and hey- who can blame him for having a few tipples while he sings to 1000+ people?! To sing is to expose something very intimate about us to others, and to sing our own songs is even scarier a thought. I know I’d need it.

 Personally, I think McCulloch is un-tryingly clever, and there is definitely a pinch of naughtiness there judging from some of the things he mumbled to the audience, which is never a bad thing.

 I’m not sure if it was his accent or the drink, or the fact that about 50% of the audience might be approaching that dreary time in life where hearing aids might be a thing to consider, but I noticed quite a few people sat around me couldn’t actually understand a word he uttered. To me that’s a shame on their account, as the show wasn’t just about the music, but the chance to learn something more about the opinions of the musicians. 

  McCulloch certainly seems to know that being the front man not only gives you the voice to sing and inspire through song, but the voice to speak your mind about the world, and why shouldn’t he, we all have the right to voice our opinions, but he’s got a mic and some bloody loud speakers, which I presume help get his points across. He lashed out his truths with the tongue of a political viper, and I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the audience would agree with him about the current situations our government are failing to handle, and the people who do have an influence across the nation not taking care of things quite the way that they should.

 The Bunnymen’s lyrics take you into the places in their heads, and feel the world through their eyes, with a sensual, serene, and somewhat detached nature. Despite the beauty in their songs I often feel an underlying sadness.

 The songs that I enjoyed most were, The Killing Moon, (which I think is a cert that the audience wanted to hear this one the most), Lips Like Sugar, (Which McCulloch rightly proclaimed to be one of the sexiest songs ever), Bedbugs and Ballyhoo, (which I just simply enjoy for it’s pairings and seemingly nonsensical lyrics), and lastly of course, Ocean Rain! There were a few songs that I wasn’t as familiar with, which is difficult for me to admit- but I also think that’s a good thing, the love I had for the Bunnymen was re-kindled with more to explore. Time to dig around for some more albums!

~ Queenie

Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Little Sprinkle of Goodness

I've had quite a productive and fun week, so I thought I ought to write a bit about it. I've started back at my old part time job, working as a holiday assistant at a kid's club, (this is good because I basically get paid to play and make bracelets etc!) I've made progress with getting my university transfer, so looks like it is almost all sorted out.
I had a VERY drunken time all last Saturday, started drinking at lunchtime at my dad's party, went out to a few bars and a club for my mate's birthday, then came back to the house party. I made friends with a few nice people, and suffered a truly hideous hangover the following day. I've had my first experience of eating at an all you can eat sushi bar- I will most defiantly be going back there at some point- and it looks as though, at long, long last, my pumpkin plants are beginning to grow the female flower (so now I can begin to pollenate them with what is left of the quickly depleting amount of male flowers).
As well as all of that jazzy goodness, mom treated me to a stunning pair of new heels and I found a gorgeous corset on for a fiver. Being the kindly spirit that I am, I have posted pictures of below, just for you, you happy bean of a reader ;)

~ Queenie

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bitten By the Book Worm Bug

So, recently I've gone a little book mad, (as in wanting to read them, I'm not on about my passion for book sniffing this time). What's a girl to do when she needs a distraction though, eh? I think the escapism a book brings a reader is one of the best cures for taking your mind off things...and one can never have too many books!

It all started when I got my Macbook about a month or so ago, I was checking out the free apps in the Appstore and came across the Amazon Kindle app. I downloaded it out of curiosity and was delighted to find a whole array of free books that you can download there, and not just any old drivel either; they've got tonnes of classics that I had either already started reading, or had wanted to read for quite some time. The ones that I'm most excited about reading that I've downloaded for free include;

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Beauty and the Beast
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Water Babies
The Jungle Book
Andrew Lang's Fairy Book Collection
The Picture of Dorian Grey
The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe

There's a lot more on there that I've downloaded, but these will get read first. I had already begun reading Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and the Jungle Book, but having another means of being able to read them has made me want to read more often. I think it's safe to say its only a matter of time before I invest in getting myself a Kindle and start purchasing books on there, I've already had to stop myself a few times! ...If on the off-chance anyone is feeling generous and wants to buy me one, you're more than welcome.....

Another little perk that books have given me recently occurred about two weeks ago when I was visiting my dad. I came across a box of his ex's books that she had left there for the time being, and being the curious thing that I am, I just had to browse! Once I'd got past various volumes on Churchill and Hitler (yawn), I came across three books that certainly caught my eye;

Memoirs of a Geisha (I've wanted to read this for soooo long, the film is a favourite of mine)
No Place for a Lady (A book about women adventurers)
Icons (A book of 50s pin up girls)

I'm concentrating on reading Memoirs at the moment, and without a doubt it is the most gripping book I have read in a very long time. The imagery of geishas and cherry blossom trees have even penetrated my dreams, which is a welcomed alternative to the usual nightmares!

I've been checking out blogs where the author has written a long list of things to do or things to cheer yourself up with, and one of my favourites that I've come across has to be this;

Suggestion 82 I particular liked due to my current book frenzy;

'82: Old School
Go to the library or a second-hand bookshop and find so me of those series books from the nineties: the ones you undoubtedly read: The Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Pony Club, Goosebumps, Fear Street. Read them all again. Damn, weren’t they terribly awesome?'

How could I not take a leaf out of Steph's book on this one?! Like a rabid thing from the darkness I clawed my way through the net to Ebay, lunacy deeply embedded in my eyes, and frothing out of my twisted smile. Goosebumps, it has been far, far too long; yet it was one of the pillars of my childhood, along with Pokemon, Tamagotchis and Pogs of course. The 90s was a beautiful era! I had only saved enough of my pocket money as a kid to buy two Goosebumps books, so this kind of felt like a favour to myself to make up for that, as well as a ticket to nostalgia and cheap, cheesey happiness. I bought four from ebay, for a couple of quid each, that I had been most eager to read when Goosebumps was still new;

Welcome to Dead House
The Curse of the Mummy
The Werewolf of Swamp Lake
Night of the Living Dummy
(oddly enough the dummy on the front of this one looks scarily like my youngest brother)

I already had Vampire Breath and Ghost Beach, and I loved those as a kid.

Lastly- as I know by now those of you reading this will either be sick of hearing about books, or be itching to go and make a library for yourself- I have bought one last book for the time being, on recommendation from a good friend of mine; Water for Elephants. I saw the trailer for the film, which looks great apart from the unfortunate casting of Robert Pattison, and so I felt more inclined to read the novel, (Plus I kind of felt the need to buy a book for grown ups after the Goosebumps incident).

As you now know, I have a hell of a lot of reading to catch up one, thanks to my amazing knack of acquiring far more books than I can read. If there are no new posts on my blog for a while, or for those of you that know me and don't hear from me, I might need rescuing from the sea of books that I am about to drown in....

~ Queenie

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Moomintroll Make-Over

When one resides in a small bedroom, it's important to make the most of the space available. More importantly; it is to do it with style. I was in need of some more room for books (more about this in another post later), bric-a-brac and objet d'art. I really wanted something to fit between the end of my bed and the wall, a very small space indeed. However- I have put together some makeshift shelf type units....

One of the units was an old school drawer that I gave a touch of magic to a few years ago for an art project, the smaller one next to it was just a plain wooden CD shelf I found in the attic, and that's what I have been working on today.

I wanted to try to get it made over within a day asI know all too often those of us with a creative obsession begin projects which never see an end, I think giving myself a deadline helped. It was dead easy; I photocopied lots of pages from a couple of my volumes on Moomin comic strips, spray mounted these all over the box, tea stained it (I would recommend tea staining before spray mounting), gave it a dry brush of gold paint, painted the narrow cross section black, then varnished, which gave it a nice sealed Finnish...Finnish get it? Because the Moomins are from Finland....

...never mind.


Monday, 13 June 2011

Putting the Pieces Back Together

I apologise for lack of any sort of post recently, but I've not felt particularly up to it. However I'm proud to say that I have been pushing myself hard to give my life some sort of normality and order once again; and most importantly make myself happy again.
I'm making changes in regards to my university life, making more of an income, motivating myself enough to get back into hobbies that are important to me, hopefully will be taking a CBT test to get myself one of those annoying little mopeds at some point, registered for some therapy so I don't make mistakes again...trying to bring out the person I was a couple of months ago and change my life in little ways to suit me.
Short post I know but I don't like to say too much.


Friday, 3 June 2011

Adam (r)Ant

Adam Ant gig at O2 Academy, Birmingham.

Well this was certainly one artist and idol I never thought I'd have the good fortune to see live! I've been aiming to see more of the bands and artists that inspire me, which includes a lot from many era ago, so you can understand my surprise and delight when I found out Adam Ant was doing a tour of gigs around the UK.

I'm not sure when or how I first started listening to Adam and the Ants, but I think it was around when I was forteen or so, back when I just used to watch music video after music video. I certainly remember the impact that 'Stand and Deliver' had on me, and buying the 'Ant Box' (three CDs, a book and a video) with my birthday money. Oh how I wished to have grown up in the 80s! I think what really drew me in was the methods of escapism that the Ants imposed on their audience, songs with narrative, music videos that mirrored a lot of literature and feature films that I had enjoyed, and most importantly the swashbuckling sense of fashion!

I went to the gig with my mom, who had seen the Ants back in their earlier, punk days, and my friend Scott, who like me was also a young yet avid fan. The support bands were pretty good, each unique in their own way, and the three seemed worlds apart yet all had similarities to Adam Ant in someway or another. We arrived while Johnny Normal played a few dance covers of some well known songs by Adam and the Ants. I like the style of their music, a little bit different but the sort of thing I find quite easy to listen to. Dressing For Pleasure were probably the most individual of the support acts, the front woman was a little feisty, but I think that sort of attitude is sometimes required when starting out as a band- you don't want to seem like a bunch of pushovers so someones got to lash out some confidence. I think it was the strength of the drum and the bass working together in this band that I admired most. The last support band to play were Krakatoa; the lead singer had a very 'Arctic Monkeys'-esque hairstyle, but I think they may have a little more to them than just being another 'indie' band. They seemed more versatile, uniting brit-pop, ska and something a little grungey and eerie into the mix to tie it off.

The tension built steadily as we anticipated Adam's appearance, wasn't quite as spine-tingingly climatic as I'd thought it would be. I think Adam must have momentarily lost his military hat or something because it took him a good while to follow the rest of the band onto the stage.

This was probably one of the most anticipated and thoroughly engaging gigs that I've been to so far, there was so much to it which I think all came from Adam. He is deffinately one charismatic individual, and almost seems to have literally leapt out of a book or movie; there must be other worlds more fit for him.

They played songs from the 70s to the 90s, and most of my favourites. I particularly enjoyed Stand and Deliver, Ant Music and Wonderful, (which currently is a song playing through my head most days as its themes and lyrics couldn't be more fitting to how I feel right now).

There is something very bitter and blackened inside Adam, and he doesn't feel the need to stop himself from having an Adam rant on stage. I think it's partly those personal issues of his struggles with depression and the concequences it can bring in ones life that truely strikes a chord with me. 'ANTI DEPRESSANTS ARE SHIT.' Well said Mr Ant, well said.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Delectable Decor

Over the last couple of weeks I've been trying to make my bedroom a little more 'me'. This has mainly consisted of me replacing the things that perhaps should have been replaced a while ago; e.g. the blue 'space craft' pattered curtains and the yellowing ceiling light...
Perhaps though, I chose to wait for the right moment to find the assets that suit my room so well.
I bought this birdcage lampshade from Next. It was £25, but really goes well with the furnature I have in there and I love the butterflies addorning it!

Behind the veil of green you can just about see my new curtains. They're a bit difficult to distinguish here as when its light outside they become sort of clear but you can see the embroided swirls, but at nighttime they become pretty much black...apart from where the moon shines through them. They're just my sort of thing, I chose them because the design on them is similar to a lot of doodles I end up drawing on things.
You can find them at Dunelm Mill;

This small stool I actually bought a couple of months back, from a shop I absolutely love in Leamington Spa called Planet Bong (not sure if they have a website they are currently using, but you can find them on Facebook). It's made by Fair Trade but I've not seen it sold anywhere else yet, it also comes in pink, (so naturally, I was torn when it came to choosing between that and this green one), but the green went with my room better.

Lastly, as I found myself a teeny bit ill recently and also found some spare cash in my pocket, I decided to treat may think I do that a lot. You'd be right; but a girl has needs, and I know how to make a little extra moolah here and there.

I've been looking forward to getting my mits on this game for quite some time now in the run up to the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film; and it does not disapoint! It even came with a free Jack Sparrow Lego figure. The book is 'Snufkin's Book of Thoughts', which I bought more for novelty value over reading material, but there is one quote in there I like in particular;

"I'll come when it suits me," said an angry Snufkin. "Perhaps I shan't come at all."

Well said. Although I'm sure it wouldn't be out of choice.

~ Queenie

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Little Green Books

As so often happens I was clearing out my room once more, when I found an old cardboard box that some make up that my granny got me came in. Its book shaped and has a magnetic lid I wanted to take advantage of. So I stripped it down, (removing the glossy coating and paper as it just had the brand name and ingridients on); then I could begin to make it my own.

I wanted to give it that sort of my 'signature' look I guess I decorate most things with; lots of blue, green, gold and flowers! It was easy to paint once I'd stripped it, I don't like to fully mix the paint into one colour, to me it looks better with a more emerald streak here and a smear of white there etc. Once that coat had dried, I dry brushed on a little more white and brown, just to make it looked a little more lost and forgotten. I guess I like that sort of look about things because its what makes me want to pick them up and look at them, a little mystery. Dabbed on some watery gold paint, and painted a little detail. Then I picked some blossom which I PVA glued to the spine of the 'book' and then dabbed with gold paint, (although I think the gold paint may have be spread over them more when I PVAed over the top, either that or the didn't preserve the natural pinky colour as well as I'd hoped it would). They look glossy and lovely anyway so I don't mind to much. Now I just have to find something special enough to keep inside it!

I thought this would be an appropriate post for me to show a photo of this little book I decorated a few years ago. This one is actually a book, and I like to dry small flowers in it, (as well as glueing in small dead insects that I find) -don't judge me! I just think they are beautiful. For this I used the same paint method (only a bit bluer), but then dried a leaf out with I sliced down the middle, and glued one to the front and one to the back. I had collected my milk teeth since they started falling out and so decided to use a few that had split in half over the ages to stick down the spine. I'm not really sure why other than I like the way it looks and I like to use natural resources.

In other news my pumpkins have been growing at an alarming pace due to the brilliant sunny weather we've been having. The picture I've uploaded here doesn't really show it very well, as I took it more for athstetic reasons, but you can see they've sprouted well. I've had to seperate them into bigger pots, and since I took this photo about three days ago most of the stems have doubled in height. I'm thinking about begging mum to let me rip up the garden a little to give them more room to grow!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crafty Characters and Sew On

While I'm in this phase of bringing you up to date with some of the arts, crafts and bits and bobs I have made before creating this blog I thought it'd be a good opportunity to show off these little friends of mine that I have put together, (mostly out of recycled materials);

This is a porcelain doll that I re-vamped for an art project a couple of years ago. My teacher was kind enough to give me an old, raggy doll he was going to throw out. It had no hair, no clothes, and its painted face was mostly chipped away. It only took me two days to make it something of my own by painting it a new face, giving it hair made from and old black feather boa, and making its clothes from old clothes that were going to be thrown away or were ripped beyond repair.

I used the doll in the project as a miniature representation of myself, and tied it to a giant green and purple spider web I made from wire and wool, to show my irrational fear of spiders!

This little fella I made simply because I love bats! A lot of people who have seen this say it's cute, maybe I should make them to sell as they're cheap (the fabric is just left overs or to be thrown away), and quick to make. This was my first attempt, so turned out a little lop sided, but I love the green and purple, (a colour combination I seem to use a lot), giving it that Halloweeny twist that I am so very fond of :)

The last of my crafty characters is Prosper, a weed-fueled net maker who falls in love with a human moth, featuring in a series I'm writing called Treetop Tales. In a very Gag Halfrunt manner I'll just say this; He's just zis guy, you know?

It probably took the longest to make Prosper, as I had to create a skeleton/ frame from wire, cover it in papier mache, which took a while to dry. The skin was actually easier to apply than I'd first expected, I used a skin coloured thin felt; but again the glue took a while to dry. Unfortunately I originally did his face and tattoo with a fine pen, and stupidly took him out into the rain (showing it off to friends), and had to re-paint those areas. The clothes were my favourite parts to make. You can't see on this photo, but his other ear is pierced. I have a keen eye for detail and wanted to make the doll look as similar as possible to the drawings I had done before I'd even thought about making a doll of him. I'd like to get around to making some of the other characters if I can find the time and the resources!

I took a some time to try out a few new photoshop skills I quickly picked up last night to make these photos a little more interesting. Recently I have been shown the 'hipstamatic' app on the i-phone. I'm wholly jelous as I don't have one but instantly fell in love with the nostalgic look the app gives to your pictures, so I googled to find tutorials on how to achieve a similar look with Photoshop Elements and found this brilliant link;

The video gives a really easy to follow tutorial, (and you can easily swap or change ways of achieveing the desired affect if you prefer), plus the man's voice taking you through the tutorial is kinda pleasent and easy to listen to. (So many times I've stopped watching a tutorial because I can't stand the voice over!) As well as that there is a free frame that they have the link to download to help you on your hipstamatic-esque quest. Well worth a look if you are into the retro/ lomography look for your photos.

~ Queenie

Friday, 29 April 2011

Petals and Pumpkins

Well, I have been having a very enjoyable and busy Easter holiday! However- I haven't let it hinder me in terms of getting up to my arts and crafts. I've just finished this quick piece I did purely for the reason that I was in a good mood and thought it would be a smart idea to squeeze it out into some form of art. I used quite a lot of mixed media for this one; acrylic and water colour paints, pva glue, glitter, blossom, and a little photoshop to give it that nice glow.

On a completely different note- I have always dreamt of growing pumpkins...I don't know why but I seem to have a bit of a thing for those big, orange, swollen squashes. Lady Luck must have been smiling down on me last Friday, because my mom bought me a little 'grow your own pumpkins' kit from the new Wilkos in town- only 98p! They've already grown shockingly fast, so when they are an impressive size I'll update with some photos, hopefully of me straddling them if they get big enough.

~ Queenie

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Christmas Catch Up

Seeing as I didn't have a blog over Christmas I thought now would be the best oppurtunity to show off some of the work I did over the festive period. I spent Christmas at my mom's, (where all my art and craft utensils reside), and so I took up the oppurtunity to squeeze out a little creativity. Also it was a lovely distraction from what I shall just call 'crap'.

This was just a small box shelf I dug out of the attick. Sanded it down, and painted it white. Splattered it with various shades of blue paint, then painted on a sort of outline of a pocket watch on a chain in gold. I used some UV glow wall paint and a couple of glowing rose stickers just to give it a sweet surprise. (I tend to forget it glows everynight and surprise myself whenever I look at it!)

I actually made this photo frame a few years ago when I was still in sixth form as part of an art project. I finally realised that I could put a real photo of mine in it and hang it as it was intended to be used...Only took me 2 years to figure that out. The frame itself was another find, but I rubbed a watery teal paint into it, dry painted a coppery-gold paint, (also painted the staples with this), then drizzled on watered down black paint. The photo I took a few years ago at Guy's Cliff.

I took this image during the Christmas break, but actually this bottle is from the same art project as the frame above. I was using a lot of bottles in the project and was lucky enough to find this clock shape one at a charity shop in town, it fit in spookily well with my project so I had to have it. I burnt a candle under it to give it a slightly blackened tarnish, and again dry brushed coppery and golden paints into it. Around the top I weaved some wools with crosses on chains and old beads. It is now a regular little desk filler in my room.

Wow! Something I actually put together at Christmas...I saw a big glass jar. I saw some faerie lights that weren't being used. I opened the jar and put the faerie lights inside. I was pleased. Unfortunately the photo is crap! But I do rather like the light refracting out of the glass.

And while we're on the theme of's what I was lucky enough to get, (along with Scott Pilgrim on DVD and My Chemical Romance's album Danger Days, I got them late so they're not in the photo but just as loved!)

I still need to put some thorough effort into learning to play the violin, but I promise I will, (univeristy work has to come first). One last thing I must mention before I end this post; Jelly Lenses...are simply awesome. They're cheap, they're trendy, most importantly they are jelly. Get some.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Blogger's Virginity

I have given in, it was only a matter of time until the day came where I'd realise I couldn't supress my inner blogger anymore, and here it is; my first post in my blog. I have many reasons though, you may be enthralled to hear, for making said blog. I have looked back over the last 12 months or so and realised that I have had that which in my life so far, quite a successful year... And I intend to keep it that way!
Now obviously I don't mean success as in I've suddenly become Mrs Moneybanks, or and A lister, but none the less successful I have been. My mind has had moments where I've been manifested with depression, but with that comes the highs in between, and without wanting to get all hippy-new-age-chickpea-scoffy at you it's been a bit of a rough ride! But it has made me realise something that will not only be good for me but maybe, (I may be a little bit optimistic here), make for some entertaining- or even helpful reading for those that might come across my blog! I want to blog about all the good and exciting things that happen to me, which may include bits about the film course I am studying at university, my acting (or lack of it), photography/ arts/ crafts/ textiles/ writing, and those jolly little odd things that happen in between.
This year so far I have had not one- but TWO of my films shown at the 2011 London Screentest Film Festival. A proud feat for me, and many thanks to the crews behind me on them. Here's the link to my Youtube account should you wish to view any of my films.

The two that got into the festival were; 'These Boots Were Made For Rolling'- a documentary I directed on roller derby in the UK, and 'The Dark Side Of Chocolate'- which I produced. I came up with the titles for both ;) Aswell as that little burst of hope for a bright future I've been acting in a friend's pilot episode for a kid's TV show he has written. It's currently still in the process of being made and so I'm keeping low key about it, but there is promissing interest, and I love my role. We've had a few days shooting so far, and I think we're meant to get the rest done after the Easter holidays. Hopefully more on this later. I think that's enough for now :)